This Riddle is elegant in the simplicity of its terms and the difficulty of its answer. Two-Face asked it because he thought I couldn't find a question that would make him give me needed information whatever face his Coin landed on. He was wrong.


It happened after I resigned from Wayne Enterprises. I had invented a 3D-TV Box set that, as a side-effect, allowed me to rob the watcher of his mind - so I offered Harvey a bargain : he would help me steal production capital so that I could put a Box on every TV in Gotham, and in exchange I would tell him everything I'd learn about Batman while reading people's mind. After a toss of his Coin, he agreed.


We stole a lot of money, and I finally got enough funds to show my invention to investors and submit the stolen funds to bankers, so I asked Two-Face to open his safes to have access to both my 3D-TV Box plans and the money.

Indeed, there were two safes at Two-Face's, both trapped with acid. I knew one combination was 2-222-2, and the other 22-22-22, but I didn't know which was which. When I asked Two-Face, both his thugs gave me a strange look, and I noticed that sparkle in his left eye...

We're not so sure we want to keep our word on this anymore, clown. You see, we're wondering why the Hell OUR bucks should go to YOU...

Even if, on the other hand, we did agree with your bargain. Therefore, you will pass the Coin trial a SECOND time, but in a bit different way...

Since you like riddles so much, riddle us this :

You can ask us whatever yes-or-no question you want about the safes.

We'll then secretly toss our Coin to answer it.


Good head, former district attorney Dent honestly answers you.


Bad head, BIG BAD HARV treacherously lies to you. Think up, now !