There's a saying in Gotham City that the Dark Knight can cover the whole town, starting from any random place, flying from one area to the other in the blink of an eye, while never visiting the same place twice.

Amusingly, there is also a well known mathematical fact (established in 1823) that a Chess Knight can jump over a whole Chess board, starting from any square, without ever touching the same square twice.


That similarity made me build a game for the Dark Knight. Lured in a Virtual Reality program, he was challenged to move like a Knight on a giant Chess board.

Any unauthorised move would make the whole board vanish, and any square he'd leave following a Knight move would also vanish. The only way to escape from the board was to reduce it to a single square, after stepping exactly once on every other square : only then would the Virtual Reality link be broken.

Believe it or not, the Batman didn't fall to his death. Would you be as good a Knight as he was ? Can you solve the puzzle ? Scroll down and find out !