The Flash maze game below is a free, simpler version of my multi-million seller, "Riddle of the Minotaur". That game actually played a role in me taking the Riddler persona : my intellectual property of the game has been stolen by my employer, and I had to make justice (and reclaim my money from society) myself.


Anyway, the game's story is the classic myth of Theseus and the Minotaur : each year, the Athenians had to sacrifice seven young boys and seven young girls to the Minotaur, the monstrous offspring of Queen Pasiphaë and Poseidon's bull. Her husband Minos, King of Crete, had trapped the beast into the labyrinth created by Daedalus and used it to oppress Athens.

After a few years, not tolerating the slaughter anymore, Theseus son of Aegeus King of Athens volunteered to kill the monster. He took the place of one of the young boys that had to be sacrificed, and embarked in the black sailed ship that carried the doomed youths to Crete - promising the ship would return with white sails if he were victorious.


You play Theseus and have to find the Minotaur in Daedalus's maze, then kill it. You can move Theseus around by using the arrow keys on your keyboard or, if you find them more comfortable, the 'X', 'C', 'J' and 'N' keys. The Space and Return keys start a level (instead on clicking on the 'START' button), the ESC and END keys while in the game take you back to the main menu.


In the main version of the game, "Maze of the Minotaur", Theseus has to race in each of the 15 levels against a monster, part Gryphon part Chimera, with the head and wings of an eagle, the paws of a lion, and the lower body of a rattlesnake. The thing is blind but poisonous, and knows the maze by heart. It climbs from the exit stairs and heads straight to the starting stairs, if it gets there before you get out of the level or if it touches you, you lose a life.

The other main mode is "Time Attack", where you race only against the clock. A limited time, related to the level's complexity, is given to you at the beginning of the level. If you don't get out before time runs out, you lose a life.

At the end of both these modes, you fight the Minotaur in a special level : the monster is looking for you and will run at you as soon as it sees you. Be careful not to fall into the pit where the Minotaur throws his victims' bodies. You can't slay the Minotaur directly, but if it were to itself fall into the pit, killing it would be easy.


Finally, easier and shorter modes are available : "Free Mode" is the main mode with no enemy and no time limit (but no Minotaur), "Random Maze" allows you to pick a single maze for you to solve. Remember every maze, no matter your options, is randomly generated and will change at each visit.

Good luck !