What's a Riddler without Riddles ?

This database offers four modes : you can browse through all the Riddles, answering them (or not) simply by typing in your answer, in any order you like. Browse with the plus, minus and 'RANDOM' buttons. By default, Riddles are sorted from the latest (with the biggest number) to the oldest.

Or, you can enter one of the three challenge modes : there, you'll have to answer as many Riddles as shown on the challenge button, and in a strict order. If you're stuck, just give up on the Riddle and click the 'PASS' button. At the end of the challenge, I'll evaluate your effort.


Remember : the answer is always a single, non composed word, and always the simplest possible answer (type "light" instead of "brightness" for example).

You can return to the main menu at any time by hitting your 'END' or your 'ESC' key. The ratio of your good and bad answers is displayed at the top of the user interface, and the number of answered (or passed) Riddles at the bottom.

Good luck !