When I was a small child, my father said to me : "Son, I've got a riddle for you."

"What's green, sits in a bathtub, and whistles ?"

I thought about it for a while, but I was forced to confess defeat.


He said : "A SALAMI."

"But a salami isn't green !

- You can paint it in green.

- A salami doesn't sit in a bathtub !

- You can put it in a bathtub."


I thought I had the last word. I said :

"But a salami doesn't whistle !"

My father smiled.

"AHHH", he said, "I just put that in there to make it difficult !"

Is that true ?
Does it matter ?

Mister, uh, NYGMA, pardon me, but we've been talking for quite some time now and we still haven't gotten a straight answer out of you. We don't know anything more about you than when we began...

OF COURSE you don't. I'm Edward Nygma - an ENIGMA. Is it any surprise that I'm enigmatic ?

Understand me : you don't come to the Riddler for answers. You come for the questions.

Ladies, gentlemen...

The audience is at an end...

Er... It seems we've just lost contact with Mr. NYGMA... So, uh, I guess that concludes our evening. Don't forget to watch next week's Gotham Insider, the second one devoted to Gotham's costumed criminals and their secret origins.


Next issue will be an in-depth investigation about how a second-rate mob henchman became the killing maniac known as the Joker. That show will exceptionally take place on the very scene of the transformation : the Ace Chemical factory, where the Batman is believed to have created the monster.

Thanks for following Gotham Insider, good night, and God bless you all.