I must say that during my time served in Arkham Asylum, the pleasantest fellow inmates weren't the "big shots" : everybody avoided the Joker, Two-Face scared anyone in his vicinity... my best time there was actually spent with lesser-known villains, like the Mad Hatter, Scarecrow, or... Temple Fugate, the Clock King.

Everyday at 3:15 PM on the dot, we had our Chess game, and it was glorious. Fugate is an excellent player, with amazing predicting skills, and he even won a few of our games. Despite what his dry exterior may suggest, he's also quite able to make a nice conversation.


It's one of these conversations that inspired this game, copied straight from an actual device Fugate designed both for the Batman and his main target, Mayor Hill. Convinced that Hill purposefully made him late at a court hearing that ruined him, Fugate had vowed to take revenge. That one time, he had built a very special time bomb, and hid it in the hotel where a gala dinner with Hill was planned...

The bomb was made to be discovered by the Batman, who faced a lethal game : he could rewind the timer clock manually, but for this had to decipher some virtual and randomly generated clockworks. The idea was to trick Batman into playing for people to be evacuated in time, but the game getting faster and faster, to make him eventually lose - and the Clock King's triumph would have been complete... but Batman kept solving puzzle after puzzle until everybody was taken to safety, and then he earned enough time to himself escape the devastating blast.


But you ? How long will you last at this game ?

You have 25 in-game seconds before the timer expires, you'll gain 10 seconds for each right answer, but will lose 10 seconds for wrong answers, and you can't earn time beyond 25 seconds. In-game seconds start as two real-life seconds, but the game gets faster, and in the end an in-game second is a real-life half of a second.

How good are you at deciphering clockworks ? Good luck !